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HBCU Heroes

Celebrity Supporter

We would like to thank all of our celebrity supporters for bringing recognition and their financial support to HBCU Heroes' cause.

Actress, CEO of ScrapSports.

Niesha Butler

Actor, Radio Host, Comedian

D.L Hughley


Rashan Ali

Michael Blackson Supports HBCU
Actor and Comedian

Michael Blackson

Jasmine Burke

Jasmine Burke

Actor, Stand-up Comedian

Bill Bellamy

Drea Kelly Supports HBCU
Choreographer, Dancer & Actress

Drea Kelly

Robert Covington Supports HBCU-1
NBA Basketball Player

Robert Covington

Theo Ratliff Support HBCU
NBA Basketball Player

Theo Ratliff

Chris Broussard Supports HBCU
American sports analyst

Chris Broussard

Reec Swiney Supports HBCU
Hot 107.9 ATL on-air personality

Reec Swiney

Juanita Baranco Supports HBCU
American corporate executive

Juanita Baranco

Takeo Spikes Supports HBCU
NFL Football Player

Takeo Spikes

Alexa Canady Supports HBCU
Retired American medical doctor

Alexa Canady

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila Supports HBCU
Former football player

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila

Jim Jackson Supports HBCU
NBA retired veteran

Jim Jackson

Hugh Douglas Support HBCU
Former football player

Hugh Douglas

Rickey Dudley Supports HBCU
Former football player

Rickey Dudley

Terry Cummings Supports HBCU
NBA retired veteran

Terry Cummings

Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham Supports HBCU

Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham

Amir Hall Supports HBCU
Former Bowie State QB

Amir Hall

Everson Walls Supports HBCU
Former NFL Player

Everson Walls

Alge Crumpler Supports HBCU
Former NFL Player

Alge Crumpler

Vonnie Holliday Supports HBCU
Former NFL Player

Vonnie Holliday

NBA Player

Antonio Davis

Ryan Kilgore Supports HBCU

Ryan Kilgore

Tyrone Poole Supports HBCU
NFL Football Player

Tyrone Poole


With HBCU Heroes, our goal is to level the playing field for HBCU sports programs. There’s a huge disparity between seemingly unlimited funding, sponsors, and alumni support that drive Division I schools versus the limited resources that plague historically black colleges and universities’ athletic programs. After experiencing both, I’m hoping to bring some much needed balance.


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