HBCU Heroes FAQs

What's your mission? + -

The mission of HBCU HEROES is to raise funding to level the playing field for HBCU sports programs by assisting with scholarships and resources to meet their athletic objectives.

Is my donation tax-deductible? + -

Yes, all donations to HBCU HEROES are tax-deductible.

What's the address to I mail-in my donations? + -

All mail-in donations can be sent to the attention of HBCU HEROES and mailed to 5930 Royal Lane 182 Dallas, TX 75230

Which HBCU schools do you support? + -

Any HBCU institution can receive support from HBCU HEROES.

What type of donations do HBCU HEROES accept? + -

HBCU HEROES Accept PayPal, Cashapp, PayPal Credit, and major debit cards and credit cards.

We can all be HBCU Heroes!

By simply by making a donation, volunteering, or helping with other resources, joining forces with HBCU Heroes, we can create a ripple effect that changes the game in HBCU athletic programs across the country.


Our Phone: 1-818-749-0198


With HBCU Heroes, our goal is to level the playing field for HBCU sports programs. There’s a huge disparity between seemingly unlimited funding, sponsors, and alumni support that drive Division I schools versus the limited resources that plague historically black colleges and universities’ athletic programs. After experiencing both, I’m hoping to bring some much needed balance.


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